About Run for Ruth


Run for Ruth is an event to benefit House of Ruth that brings attention to domestic violence and educates on what healthy relationships look like. 


Why 72 hours?

This extreme walk + run spans the course of 72 hours to highlight the significance of the danger a victim of domestic violence experiences in the first 72 hours after leaving the abuser. The first 72 hours are the most critical for survival. 

Run or walk for a portion of the route or run the whole route - it's up to you! There are no fees to attend and we encourage community members of all ages to walk, run, bring a scooter or a stroller and be an active part of social change to better our community. 

Support our mission to end domestic violence.

How Run for Ruth Started

House of Ruth volunteer William Rowbotham created Run for Ruth in 2017 to bring awareness to the emotional abuse aspect of domestic violence. As an avid extreme athlete, he wanted to create something that would make a statement about the impact of domestic violence on everyone. He walked and ran the entire 183 miles over the course of 72 hours, with support from a team of dedicated volunteers.

William’s hope is that more people will join him on any leg of the route, for any amount of miles – even just 1 mile. If you can’t join him on the route, then come out for restaurant night or make a donation. Getting community involvement in this important cause is key to raising awareness and stopping domestic violence.



thousand Dollars Raised

The 2017 Run for Ruth awareness campaign raised $10,000. These funds went directly to supporting survivors of domestic violence. This year we hope you'll partner with us in far exceeding last years funds and aid us in serving even more survivors.



Years Serving communities

House of Ruth has served Southern California residents from Eastern Los Angeles to Western San Bernadino counties since 1977. Our programs are open to all battered women, men and children at no charge.



Miles ran

From the University of La Verne, to the Santa Monica Pier, to the Angel Stadium, back to the House of Ruth in Pomona and everywhere in between. This extreme walk + run covers 183 miles over the course of three days to raise awareness for domestic violence prevention.