183 Mile Route


Join us for any portion of the route! Find us along the route with our live GPS feed and join in for as long as you’d like.


This is a free community event open to the public.


*Stops are subject to change. Please register to run / walk to receive updated GPS route information.

Start of run 10:00 a.m. Wednesday 10/10/18 | University of La Verne

Day 1 | 10/10/18

Stop 1 Arcadia 2pm

Stop 2 Anaheim - Wescom Credit Union (Gold Sponsor) 5:30pm

Stop 3 Pasadena 7pm

Stop 4 Suicide Bridge 9pm

Stop 5 Pershing Square Midnight

Day 2 | 10/11/18

Stop 6 Santa Monica Pier 8am

Stop 7 Redondo / Hermosa Beach (Surf Statue) 4pm

Stop 8 Long Beach (Queen Mary) 10pm

Day 3 | 10/12/18

Stop 9 Huntington Beach 8am

Stop 10 Anaheim 8pm

Stop 11 Pomona (House of Ruth) Midnight

Day 4 | 10/13/18

University of La Verne | The Big Finish! 10am